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If you are interested in One to One or Groups Workshops we can arrange all the things together, just use the contact section on my website and I will be very welcome to organize everything in details with you! Most of the amazing locations in Dorset, Devon, Cornwall, Wales, Scotland and Sardinia are just waiting to be discovered by you!

Since I'm now based in London, I'm available for sunsets photo-walks to teach you everything you need to apply the technique of Long Exposure Photography in this amazing city in the most beautiful landmarks that it can offer.

What you going to learn

My main objective is teaching you how to get a "Straight on the camera" picture, avoiding all those techniques that going to make you lose the perfect moment. Finishing a photographic session with 5 perfect pictures instead of 50 average shoots, is my main goal on my workshops. I will cover in depth every single thing as how to organize in details you photographic session on Long Exposure Photography and Nightscape, so that you can apply this tips on your travels.

Main topics

- How to Plan a shoot -

- Composition -

- Shooting in Raw -

- Long Exposure Photography -

- Exposure Techniques -

- Filters -

- Photo-processing-

- and many more -

Just contact me and we will going to get the perfect adventure over the Europe!

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