Inside my backpack, I store basically everything that I really need in the field while shooting photos, and what a better way to store my filters in the best filter bag in the market, the Terrascape Filter Bag

Due the fragility of the glass filters, you need to store them and protect them from bumps, scratches and dust, so it comes to select the best product for your filters and holder.

Terrascape is a Portuguese company that manufacture and sell filters bags in three sizes:

- Terrascape SMALLONE: The smaller version of the series, up to 100mm system and max 6 filters

- Terrascape CLASSIC:  The medium version of the series, up to 100mm system and max 11 filters

- Terrascape ONESIXFIVE: The largest one of the series, up to 165mm system and max 7 filters

For this review I will focus on the Terrascape Classic, one of the most used filter bag.

Main Features

The Terrascape pouch is 100% metal free, to avoid rain or sea salt to induce oxidation and rust. The plastic parts are from the YKK® manufacturer, the outside nylon is completely water proof and the inside is made of 100% polyester glued to a thin sponge layer. 

This filter bag is made by two compartments, the main one is the one to store the filters, and the second one is a small pouch fitted to store your holder and adaptor rings safely.

The main compartment is completely removable and it's made with a nice honeycomb-style pattern, to catch every single grain of dust or in extreme occasion, grain of sand, avoiding abrasion to the filters, keeping them safe. (I really recommend to clean the filters and the filter bag every time you coming back home from a photo session)

In the new series (this is the fourth generation of the Classic) you can find a very useful elastic band to hold firmly your remote control, avoiding having it hanging unsafely and causing micro-vibration with the wires and the remote hitting the tripod.

In every filter slot there is a tiny rubber piece where you can write the name of the filter so you can identify them faster and easier.

Inside on the top section you can find a small elastic net where you can store your microfiber cloths and some small useful stuff like spare cables or ND calculation sheets.

The Filter Bag offers three different ways to anchor it safely;

Shoulder, Belt and Tripod hooking

The package comes with the Filter Bag, some ND time calculator sheets, a shoulder and a tripod belt and a big microfiber cloth branded Terrascape


Seeing the Filter Bag closed you will never guess that it can store up to 11 filters plus the Holder, but thanks to the perfect compact size, it will fits perfectly in our backpacks taking not too much space while storing and protecting our filters.

So far I tried different filter bags and this one from Terrascape just got me what I really want from a filter bag:

Top quality materials, Top protection and storing, practical, quick and easy to set up.

I have no doubt recommending this filter bag to anyone who wants to carry their filters safely, and if you want to have the one perfect for your needs, you can buy it directly from their website at

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