Born in Cagliari in 1988

I’ve been always amazed by the starry sky since I was really young, wondering how everything was made and how the things works up there, so one important thing for me was getting a telescope and start to read books and study everything about space. On my early 18 I bought my first DSLR camera and started to take pictures of the sky with my reflex attached to the telescope, and the main reason was just to show to my friends the hidden beauty in the night.

I’ve tried other genres such macro and creative portraits, but the first one need a lot of patience because one single wrong movement can delete all your long waiting for that shot, and the second one, there’s more time spent on the software to edit than shooting. The main trigger that push me on Landscape Photography was just one, Astrophotography is really really expensive, so I packed up my telescope and start to buy wide-angle lenses to get, instead of just a single galaxy far far away, our own galaxy, the Milky-Way. Then this turned up with adding on my portfolio sunset and sunrise pictures because they were the starting and the ending of my night session.

I consider myself a self-taught person, since I get in my first reflex, the main thing wasn’t reading the instruction manual, but getting outside to understand how a picture works better with the different settings, then trying all the different solutions in post processing getting a lot of wrong edits before getting my workflow done. I realized the transition to the professional photography when, instead of going every day out to get a picture just because, you have to plan every single thing days before to get one photo done.


Here some of the digital and paper magazine I've

been published over the years like Photography

Week, DigitalPhoto Magazine, Digital Photography UK,

Camera Pixo, Daily Mail, The TImes, The Sun, The Telegraph,

Daily Mirror, Daily Express and many others.

I've been published on the Panobook from

Kolor for three years in a row on 2014, 2015 and 2016.

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