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I'm proudly sponsored by NiSi filters, and from them I've received the brand new NiSi Filter System V5 with the ND 10 stop and a GND 0.9 Soft. NiSi have a decennial experience in China with this market that is growing and improving day by day. All the filters I've received are made of Schott glass, from the german company that produce Zeiss's lenses. 

NiSi V5 Holder and Polarizer

The new V5 holder system from NiSi come

with a leather case with a magnetic snap

Inside the case we can find the Holder for the

100x100 ND filters and the 100x150 GND filters.

Then there is the 82mm main  adaptor ring

where you can screw in the 82mm

Circular Polarizer filter Pro C-PL

and all the 82mm to 77/72/67 mm rings

adaptor to fit in your lenses , all wide angle versions.

The 82mm Aluminium ring adaptor will go into the V5 Holder and can fit the polarizing filter. Two small wheels on each side allows you to rotate the polarizer filter when it's mounted on the main adaptor ring.

I really like the smart move from NiSi to go with the polarizer just right after the lens, with the wheels to choose the amount of polarization you want to add avoiding the classic vignetting from others polarizers at 16-17mm.

On the left the Lee Landscape Polarizer 105mm compared with the 82mm Circular Polarizer Filter Pro C-PL from NiSi

On the right the total polarization of the 82mm Circular Polarizer Filter Pro C-PL from NiSi

NiSi ND and GND filters

ND (neutral density) and GND (graduated neutral density) filters are the most used tools in long exposure photography, and with them, what you have to look for is the best quality with less color cast and check the kind of treatment the glasses has received by the manufacturer.

The ND and the GND filters have a nano coating treatment to reduce flare, reflections and to be easily cleaned. NiSi added a good IR-cutting treatment to the filters, especially to avoid the infrared light reaching the sensor, a really important thing when you doing long exposures in a low light.

On the left image: first filter is NiSi Soft IR GND 0.9 (3 stops) Soft and the second one is the Lee GND 0.9 Soft. You can see how much the NiSi filter is more graduated and soft than the Lee filter, this less density starting from the middle to above is more useful when you are shooting a composition with objects above the horizon line, so in post production you don't have to brush out the details by the objects that have been hitting by the graduation of the filter.

On the right image: First filter is NiSi IR ND 1000 ( 10 stops) and the second is the Lee Big Stopper. I have find out that the NiSi 10 stops has less color cast than the Lee Big Stopper, the first one is warmer and the second give you a strong blue cast ( you can easily correct this color casts with the white balance on Lightroom or Camera Raw)

The comparison between this two images comes from the raw without any correction straight out from the camera. The first image is taken with the NiSi V5 Holder with the 

82mm Circular Polarizer Filter Pro C-PL from NiSi, the NiSi GND 0.9 Soft and the NiSi IR ND 1000 (10 stops)The second one is taken with the Lee holder with the Lee Landscape Polarizer, the Lee GND 0.9 Soft and the Lee Big Stopper (10 stops)Both images were taken at f/11 Iso 50 and 180 seconds one right after the other.You can see here how much warmer is the NiSi ND 1000 compared to the Lee Big Stopper.


The NiSi ND 1000 and the NiSi GND 0.9 soft are one of the best filters that I have used. Easy to clean with the nano coating, almost zero color cast and high performance on long exposure photography.

There's a few cons I've found out, like the difficult to place or remove the filters into the V5 Holder, and the easily rotation of the holder while you are replacing the filters, but NiSi is working really hard to improve all this problems and give you the perfect filter holder ever made!

You can buy the filters HERE (for Italy) and Here (for UK)

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